Correct Posture, Embrace Health

16th April, 2014

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of today's society is seeing more of us sitting at our desks either studying, working or using our desktop for half of our day. Sitting for long hours without maintaining the ideal posture can lead to many health ailments such as:

- Strained neck, leading to permananet imbalance

- Compressed neck arteries, leading to lack of blood and oxygen supply to the brain, causing headache, dizziness, migraine, insomnia, poor concentration and memory

- Frozen shoulders, slouching back

- Compressed lungs leading to reduced oxygen intake

- Sluggish heart and blood circulation, resulting in accumulation of fatty acids which clog our heart and increase risk of heart disease

- Compressed stomach and intestines, leading to bad digestion, heartburn and bloatedness. Accumulation of waste at our intestines also lead to risks of colon cancer

- Compressed bladder, leading to urinary incontinence

- Uneven hips, sciatica pain

- Lower efficiency of our reproductive organs


Many are not aware that these problems can be solved just by adjusting our posture and maintaining the natural 5C curvature of our spine. However, it is not easy to change our bad sitting habits accumulated over the years.


OWELL Back Support AirTherapy Cushion

Designed with the concept of SpineCare in mind, the new OWELL Back Support AirTherapy Cushion helps to correct your sitting posture and keep the healthy natural 5'C' curvature of your spine!



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