Happy Leg Calf “Trusty Helpers of the Heart”

31st October, 2016
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Venous Blood Return and Varicose Veins (3)

About 3 in 5 adults in Singapore suffer from varicose veins. Up to 40% of females are affected by spider veins and some of these spider veins may be associated with varicose veins.


Smooth Venous Return for Good Health

Venous return refers to deoxygenated blood returning to the heart via venules and veins. It is not an easy task as veins in our legs must work against gravity to push blood upwards. As we age, our veins also lose their elasticity, causing them to stretch. Coupled with added pressure from prolonged standing, lack of exercise, pregnancy, obesity and genetics can cause the valves in the veins to become week, resulting in veins becoming varicose where blood leaks backwards and builds up. Varicose veins may cause dull aches and heaviness at legs and also signals a higher risk of other circulatory problems.


The Calf Muscle is Our “Second Heart”

A smooth venous return involves the contraction of calf muscles which act as a pump to propel blood, an elastic vein wall for smooth flow and the tiny valves in the veins that open as blood flows toward our heart and close to stop blood from flowing backward. Essentially, our calf muscles are acting as our body’s “second heart” to promote smooth venous return and to manage circulatory system problems.


Stimulate the Venous Blood Return

Through Compression Therapy Massage, we can increase the speed of venous return by strengthening our leg muscle pump and supporting expanded veins to aid smooth venous return.


What is Compression Therapy?

It is more than just a massage, it mimics the pumping or milking action of normal locomotory activity (walking, running and swimming) through the use of 360 degrees air chamber cuffs. It calms tired calves and feet, soothes muscle fatigue and aids muscle recover, making our legs feel light and strong. Most importantly, it circulates our blood and lymph which improves metabolism, supports the immune system and lightens heart burden.


OWELL Medicflow Compressible Air Therapy Benefits include:

  • Improving blood and lymph circulation in calves and legs
  • Reducing water retention which is caused by lack of lymph circulation and drainage
  • Relieving aches and stiffness caused by strenuous activity
  • Enjoying a comfortable massage with therapeutic benefits


OWELL MedicFlow Compressible Air Therapy System compromises of MedicFlow Mini and Plus. Its 360 degrees air chamber cuffs wrap around the legs, creating a circumferential massage. The air chambers inflate and deflate, gently massaging away fatigue and tenderness and stimulating blood and lymph flow. It is suitable for sportsman, varicose veins, diabetes and discomfort in muscles and joints.



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