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8th March, 2017
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Half of Singaporeans Hit by Knee Problems

In Singapore, about 1 in 2 Singaporeans have been or are affected by chronic knee pain. 73% of Singaporeans are at risk of having knee osteoarthritis because of certain lifestyle habits. (Sanofi Knee Pain Survey)


Find the Problem from Our Blood Circulation

Unstableness when walking, fatigue, back aches, knee and leg discomfort are signs of weakened leg muscles. However, not many people are aware of the cause of these symptoms. The answer actually lies simply in the quality of our body’s blood circulation.


Good Circulation for Good Health

With each heartbeat, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells. As blood returns to the heart, it transports carbon dioxide and waste from the cells to the excretory organs for expulsion. This ensures the proper functioning of our organs, muscles and bones.


Protecting Our Legs Starts Early

There are over 500 muscles in our body, and two-thirds of these muscles are located at our lower body. By sixty years old, our upper body muscles can still retain about 70% of the efficiency and strength, but your legs and lower body muscles retain only 40%.


Stimulate the Blood Circulation

The best way to protect our feet, knee and legs from the symptoms of aging is to ensure that the blood circulation in our lower body is healthy. Through reflexology massage, we can stimulate healthy blood flow and improve our blood circulation and strengthen our leg muscles.


Benefits of OWELL BIO-Magnetic Reflexology Sandals include:

  • Relieving aches caused by strenuous activity
  • Cushioning impact when feet strike the ground
  • Relieving aches and stiffness in calves and legs
  • Supporting organs, muscles and joints
  • Enjoying a comfortable massage while walking and the therapeutic effects of BIO-Magnets
  • Experiencing enhanced sleep quality

OWELL’s BIO-Magnetic Spiral and Air Reflexology Sandals combine BIO-Magnetic Therapy and Reflexology Massage to obtain health benefits that goes beyond the sole. Each sole is designed to fit to the unique contours of our feet, stimulating targeted reflex points to improve blood circulation and relieve aches and tiredness. Walk with a spring in your step today!



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