Correct Posture, Protect Spine, Embrace Health, The 1st C: The Neck

17th May, 2017
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Sit Up Straight to Stop the Pain in the Neck

About two-thirds of the population have neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain refers to pain that originates in the cervical spine and is commonly found related to poor posture.


What is Cervical Spine?

The cervical spine starts just below your skull, which is made up of 7 vertebrae and as a backward “C” shape. It supports our head, which weights approximately 5kg. As there is limited muscle support in the area, the cervical spine if often at risk of injury from improper posture, such as forward leaning, slouching or prolonged bending of head forward.


Improper Posture Hurts Not Only Muscles but Our Arteries

Improper posture tightens the neck muscles and cause neck strain which could lead to muscle pain and numbness. It can also lead to compression of the main arteries at the back of our neck, reducing blood and oxygen supply to our brain. A temporary lack of blood and oxygen to the brain leads to dizziness, headaches, tiredness and poor concentration. A long-term poor blood circulation can lead to buildup of plaque in the arteries and the first sign of trouble may be a transient ischemic attack or stroke.


Support the Spine, Relieve Neck Pain, Protect the Arteries

The ideal sitting posture sees you slightly leaning backwards (110- 120 degrees reclining), with your buttocks fully touching the chair seat, thighs parallel to the chair surface and feet resting flatly on the floor. It can be hard to remain seated in the right posture for long. OWELL AirTherapy Back Support Cushion, helps to support our spine at the right spot, lengthening our spine and straightening our posture and allowing you to sit long hours.


Benefits of the AirTherapy Back Support Cushion include:

  • Support of the thoracic spine and lower back
  • Correction and training of good posture
  • Shaping of rump and balancing of hip
  • Relieve of strain and pressure on shoulder, back and hip


Good Circulation For Good Health

Good health comes with good blood circulation. As blood delivers nutrients and oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and waste from the body, it supports the proper functioning of our organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.




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