Happy Calves " Trusty Helpers of the Heart" (Diabetes)

19th July, 2017

Singapore is the Number 2 Nation with the Most Diabetes (International Diabetes Federation, 2015)

1 in 3 Singaporeans have a lifetime risk of developing diabetes. It is a chronic medical condition that can lead to serious complications like kidney failure, blindness and stroke (Health Hub Singapore).


Examine Your Legs

When you have diabetes, you may develop foot problems because of damaged nerves and poor blood flow to the feet. Poor foot care may lead to amputation of a foot or leg.


Poor Blood Circulation Endangers Health

Your legs are located furthest from your heart, hence circulation at your legs is the poorest. If coupled with insufficient exercise and long hours of standing or sitting, the calf muscles do not carry out the contraction and relaxation cycle. This may lead to waste accumulation, resulting in darkening skin tone, rough skin and poor wound healing at the legs.


Stimulate the Blood Flow to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your calf muscles act like the body’s second heart when it contracts and relaxes as we walk or move around. The contraction of the muscles squeezes the blood containing waste in your leg back to your heart. Though Compression Therapy Massage, we can increase the speed of blood flow and improve blood circulation, hence reducing the burden on our heart.


OWELL MedicFlow Compressible Air Therapy System comprising of the MedicFlow Mini and MedicFlow Plus New, consists of 360 degrees air chamber cuffs that can be fully wrapped around the legs, creating a circumferential message. These are chambers inflate and deflate, pinpointing pressure points, massaging away fatigue and tenderness and stimulating the pumping action of exercise.


What is Compression Therapy?

It is more than a massage. It mimics the contraction and relaxation cycle of our muscles when we exercise. It improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces accumulation of impurities and lighten heart burden. To achieve compression therapeutic effect, compression has to be wrapped 360 degrees around the muscle group.


Benefits of the product:

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation in the calves and legs
  • Promotes overall blood circulation and body oxygen level
  • Boosts metabolism and supports the immune system
  • Reduces water retention or lymph edema
  • Relieves aches and stiffness caused by strenuous activity




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Do you know if you have diabetes, you will get to see that your blood circulation flow will be slow and the blood is more viscous and in a darker red color. You can see this through a capillarscope during OWELL blood circulation check. (Step 3 of OWELL Health Check). Poor circulation can be improved. Learn more at OWELL store. 

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