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12th September, 2017
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Diabetes Raises Your Risk of Having Frozen Shoulders

Approximately 20% of diabetic patients suffer from frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis; shoulder stiffness, along with decreased range of motion and pain. (American Diabetes Association)


How Diabetes May Cause Frozen Shoulders

Excess glucose in the bloodstream can make the collagen in the shoulder sticky and thick. Collagen is a major building block in the ligaments that hold the bones together in a joint. When collagen stiffens, joints start to hurt and the pain prevents you from moving your arm.


Poor Circulation Endangers Health

High blood sugar can damage your blood vessels, affecting circulation to the ends of your limbs and destroy nerves in the area. Not only does excess blood sugar stiffen collagen, it can form into plaque that causes cardiovascular disease.


Prevention Better Than Cure

If you have diabetes and have had a shoulder injury or pain, keep the shoulder moving with physical therapy like stretching to gain back mobility and prevent frozen shoulders as the lack of movement results in increased lack of use and stiffness to the muscles and joints.


Stretch the Muscles, Keep the Spine Healthy

Through 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow, you can stretch your cervical spine to its normal curvature at ease and safely. It can help with relief of pain, decrease pressure on nerves and ease muscle spasms. It can also improve the blood supply to neck muscles and ligaments and promote relaxation by relieving pressure, stiffness and stress in the head, neck and shoulders.


OWELL 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow benefits include

  • Relieving muscle soreness at neck, shoulders and back
  • Releasing tension at pressure points and joints
  • Loosening of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
  • Maintaining muscle strengthen and flexibility
  • Promoting blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Relaxing physical and mental tiredness


OWELL 3-in-1 Stretch Therapy Pillow is ergonomically designed to fit your neck curvature. The Smart Inflate Technology enables you to adjust the height of the built-in airbag with a touch of a button, with no battery required. It uses the weight of the head to gently stretch out the cervical and thoracic spine, relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles, relieving tension and pain and gently opening up the chest for better breathing.



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