Correct Posture, Protect Spine, Embrace Health! – “Stretch Out the Pain”

28th September, 2017
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Work Stress Causes Neck Pain

7 in 10 office workers experience pain in at least one part of their body at work – that is, the neck, shoulders or lower back. (Singapore General Hospital)


Continuous Neck Strain Leads to “Text Neck”

Neck strain may not be felt till the end of the day or week. This strain accumulates and leads to what we call “text neck”, a chronic neck ache that results from repetitive stress injury. “Text neck” may lead to early wear and tear on your spine and early spinal degeneration and also damage to the tendons and muscles in your neck.


Chronic Neck Pain Endangers Health

Bending over to peer at the screen for long periods, poor posture, carrying out work in an awkward position are risk factors that can cause pain or tenderness in the muscles or joints, stiffness, numbness and cramps. Without treatment, the symptoms can become chronic and irreversible, especially if structure such as tendons and cartilage are damaged.


Crucial Role of Neck Muscles

Researchers led by Professor Jim Deuchars has examined the pathways between the neck and the brain to show how the neck muscles could play a crucial role in controlling blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.


Stretch the Muscles, Keep the Spine Healthy

Through 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow, you can stretch your cervical spine to its normal curvature safely with ease. It can help with relief of pain, decrease in pressure on nerves and ease of muscle spasms. It can also improve the blood supply to neck muscles and ligaments and promote relaxation be relieving pressure, stiffness and stress in the head, neck and shoulders.


OWELL 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow benefits include

  • Relieving muscle soreness at neck, shoulders and back
  • Releasing tension at pressure points and joints
  • Loosening of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
  • Maintaining muscle strengthen and flexibility
  • Promoting blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Relaxing physical and mental tiredness


OWELL 3-in-1 Stretch Therapy Pillow is ergonomically designed to fit your neck curvature. The Smart Inflate Technology enables you to adjust the height of the built-in airbag with a touch of a button, with no battery required. It uses the weight of the head to gently stretch out the cervical and thoracic spine, relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles, relieving tension and pain and gently opening up the chest for better breathing. 

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