Stretch the Spine, Ease the Neck Pain, Gain back Flexibility! - "Stretch to More Strength"

1st December, 2017
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Stretch the Spine, Ease the Neck Pain, Gain Back Flexibility!

"Stretch to more strength"

Stiff Neck are Signs of Larger Problems

"Poor Posture while using a mobile phone, at work and sleeping can cause injury to the neck and spine. Straight neck or hypolordosisis is characterized by stiff neck muscles, headaches and restricted or painful motion."

Your Neck Spine Starts to Age in Your 20s

Aging or degnerative conditions in the spine can begin as early as in you 20s, but generally don't show symptoms until in your 40s or older. But due to a combination of increase mobile phone usage, poor diet, lifestyle habits and declining circulation, your spine discs get dry out and lose its flexibility faster. This has led to modern spine ailment: "Text Neck".

Stiff Neck Can be A Health Hazard 

THe neck muscles not only support the weight of our head, it also protect the cervical vertebrae (bone), the spinal cord (nerve), the spinal discs (soft tissue) and the carotid artery (main blood vessel). Stiffness in the neck muscles can lead to pain that goes beyond the neck e.g. headache, shoulders, and back pain and even legs pain. A research led by Prof. Jim Deuchars has also shown that the neck muscles play a crucial role in controlling blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. 

Muscles Strengthening Stretch, Keep Your Spine Healthy

Your neck will not get sufficient stretching and strengthening during normal daily activites. Through the 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow, you can stretch your spine back to its normal curvature with ease safely. It can help wuth relief of daily strain, decrease pressure on nerves, and ease muscle stiffness, soreness and spasm at the neck, shoulders and back. It can also improve the blood and oxygen supply in your neck carotid arteries, promoting relaxation. 

3-in-1 (Head. Neck. Shoulders) Air Stretch Therapy Pillow (



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