Relieve Knee Pain, Strengthen the Quadriceps Muscles, Gain back Mobility – Episode 2

10th January, 2018
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Importance of the Quadriceps Muscles in Protecting the Knee

Our quadricep muscles are located at the front of the thigh. They are responsible for extending the knee joint (straightening the leg), stabilizing the kneecap (patella) and keeping it in a straight line. Having strong quadricep muscles are important as they help to support and hold the knee joint and cartilage in place, providing stability in walking. Overworking the muscles during exercise, lack of stretching, strain from repetitive strenuous activity or sitting at a desk all day can cause our quadricep muscles to tighten up.


Tight or Weak Quadricep Muscles Wear Out Knee Cartilage

Tight or weak quadricep muscles may lead to misalignment of the patella. This misalignment can cause strain on the knee joint and instability in the entire leg. Eventually, this can result in overuse and softening of the knee cartilage which is soft tissue. A worn-out cartilage can cause joint pain, stiffness, a clicking sensation, joint locking or swelling symptoms. By strengthening the quadricep muscles, it can reduce the pressure exerted on the knee cartilage. Moreover, researchers at the Duke University Medical Center has found that the knee has a nature “ongoing repair response, whereby the soft tissue has the ability to self-repair and strengthen, though slowly, by stimulating healing through revascularization which is restoring of blood supply.


Strengthen the Knee Muscles for Stronger Knees

Building strong and flexible muscles around your knees need not necessarily involve vigorous exercises like jogging or aerobics. OWELL’s 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy allows you to strengthen your knee muscles and increase its flexibility without stressing the knee joints. The 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy is portable and adjustable, suitable for those with osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain.


OWELL’s 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy Benefits include:

  • Relaxing of over-worked and tired muscles
  • Strengthening of muscles and support of joints
  • Increasing range of motion in joints
  • Support of blood and oxygen flow which reduces discomfort


OWELL’s 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy is suitable for:

  • Strength training and sports recovery
  • Individuals who experience muscle tightness and joint pain
  • Sedentary individuals and those who stand for long hours



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