Relieve Legs Pain, Strengthen Legs Muscles, Gain Back Mobility – Episode 3

31st January, 2018
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Leg Strength Correlates to Risk of Fall and Loss of Balance

Muscle weakness especially in the legs are dangerous to be neglected as you may experience poor balance, difficulty walking, muscle and joint pain and cramps. This will also increase the risk of fall which can cause broken bones or hip fractures and head injuries and even death.  

Muscles gradually get weaker as we get older, but there are also a number of reasons why your muscles get weaker, including being less active or sedentary, lack of exercise especially in terms of strength training and leg problems such as joint pain, leg numbness and cramps. When your muscles get weaker, it increases your chances of falling and worsens leg problems.


Weak Leg Muscles Wear Out Knee Cartilage Faster

The largest muscles are located in your lower body. Your legs support you in everyday activities and act as the base of your support as you walk, run and jump. Literally, the leg muscles bear your body weight and therefore obesity adds on additional pressure on the muscles, further weakening it.

When your leg muscles get weak and cannot support your body weight, your body weight will be transferred to your cartilage, resulting in increased pressure on your cartilage, and thus faster wearing off of muscles during movement. 

Weak leg muscles may cause circulation in your lower body to slow down because blood and oxygen in your legs are pushed back to the upper body through muscle contraction and relaxation


Strengthen Leg Muscles for Freedom in Mobility

Doing strength training at least twice a week will strengthen your muscles and help increase flexibility, endurance and bone strength, improve your balance and decrease injuries to your knees and hips, alone with your risk of falling. OWELL’s 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy allows you to strengthen your knee without stressing the knee joints. It is portable and adjustable, suitable for those with chronic knee pain and leg problems.


Benefits of OWELL’s 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy include:

  • Relaxation of over-worked and tired muscles
  • Strengthening of muscles and support of joints
  • Increased range of motion in joints
  • Support of blood and oxygen flow which reduces discomfort


OWELL 3-in-1 Knee Massage Therapy Suitable For:

  • Strength training and sports recovery
  • Individuals who experience muscle tightness and joint pain
  • Sedentary individuals and those who stand for long hours 



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