Relieve Chronic Back Pain, Balance the Muscle Strength, Protect the Spine

25th April, 2018
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Common Causes of Back Pain

Over 80% of the population suffers from lower back pain during their lives. Most cases of lower back pain can be linked to a general cause – muscle strain and stiffness, injury, or overuse. A torn or pulled muscle and/ or ligament is the most common cause of lower back pain.


Muscle Imbalances Cause Your Lower Back Pain

Our spine is supported by an array of muscles, and there is a need to balance the muscle length and strength surrounding the spinal vertebrae. Daily or repetitive activities such as lifting groceries, picking up your child, sitting in front of the computer all day can lead to muscle imbalance. This imbalance means that the muscles and connective tissues on one side of your body may be short and tight, while the other side is long and weak. Imbalanced muscles could pull the body out of alignment, putting strain on the spine. If the imbalance is not addressed, it can lead to discomfort, scoliosis, discs and spine degermation, which may progress to chronic pain.


BIO-FIR + Heat: Relax Muscle, Lubricate Discs, Protect Spine

OWELL 3-in-1 (Muscles. Joints. Blood Circulation) BIO-Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R) + Heat Therapy combines both BIO-F.I.R Therapy and Heat Therapy. BIO-Far Infrared Ray (BIO-FIR) warms as deep as 4.7cm into the tissue muscles, reaching our bones and tissues, expanding blood vessels and increasing blood and oxygen flow. With more oxygen-enriched cells, joint stiffness and discomfort can be reduced while Heat Therapy provides quick relief of discomfort through the decreased transmission of pain signals.


3-in-1 BIO-F.I.R + Heat Therapy is Suitable For:

  • Individuals who experience tightness and pain at back, waist, abdominal, shoulders, thigh etc.
  • Sedentary individuals and those who stand for long hours to reduce stiffness and improve blood flow
  • Sports enthusiast to shorten warm up time and speed up the removal of lactic acid build up in muscles

3-in-1 BIO-F.I.R + Heat Therapy Benefits Include:

  • 20s fast heating with a single touch
  • Portable relief that on the go
  • Supporting blood and oxygen flow for healing



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