Happy Leg Calf "Trusty Helpers of the Heart" - Episode 3

19th September, 2018
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Water Retention and Diabetes

Up to 70% of our bodies are made up of water, therefore it is important to keep hydrated so that your body functions normally. Symptoms of lower levels of water in your body include dry mouth, dizzy spells, muscle cramps, water retention and cracked lips.


Signs of Water Retention at Limbs

When you have water retention or lymph edema, you may notice the formation of a prolonged indent in the skin when pressure is applied. It can be an indication that the body is not hydrated enough, poor circulation, nutritional deficiencies and too much salt in your diet.


Causes of Water Retention

If the blood vessels located around the body called capillaries become damaged, they can leak fluid into your tissues. This can cause swelling of tissues, stress on your kidneys, weak muscle strength and damaged lymph nodes that could also result in water retention.


Purchase OWELL MedicFlow Compressible Air Therapy to experience a comfortable massage with therapeutic benefits that prevents water retention problems.


OWELL MedicFlow Compressible Air Therapy System comprising of the MedicFlow Mini and MedicFlow Plus New, consists of 360 degrees air chamber cuffs that can be fully wrapped around the legs, creating a circumferential message. These are chambers inflate and deflate, pinpointing pressure points and massage away fatigue and tenderness.


What is Compression Therapy?

It is more than a massage. It mimics the contraction and relaxation cycle of our muscles when we exercise. It improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces accumulation of impurities and lighten heart burden. To achieve compression therapeutic effect, compression has to be wrapped 360 degrees around the muscle group.


Benefits of the product:

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation in the calves and legs
  • Promotes overall blood circulation and body oxygen level
  • Stimulates metabolism and supports the immune system
  • Reduces water retention or lymph edema
  • Relieves aches and stiffness caused by strenuous activity




Published in The Straits Times newspaper on 19 September 2018. 

(Happy Leg Calf "Trusty Helpers of the Heart" - Water Retention and Diabetes) 


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