Correct Posture Neutralises Spinal Stress - Episode 1

12th October, 2018
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Correct Posture Neutralise Spinal Stress 

Posture Misalignment: Rounded Shoulders 

The term "rounded shoulders" is used to describe a resting shoulder position that has moved forward from the body's ideal spine alignment. It is also known as "mom posture", and is part of an overall bad posture, and they can get worse if left untreated.


Rounded Shoulders Compressed Nerves and Artery 

Any activity that causes the body to look down and forward for long periods of time can contribute to slumped shoulders, such as using a smartphone or tablet, using a computer or laptop, sitting for long periods, driving a vechicle, bending over repeatedly, and carrying heavy objects all day. 

The risks of rounded shoulders include the negative impact they can have on health and appearance; Increased stress on the shoulder joints can cause pain around the neck and upper back. Furthermore, it can compress on the nerve, artery and vein at the neck resulting in stiffed and tensed muscles, dizziness, poor sleeping quality, migraine etc. 


3 Steps to Better Posture 

1. Train good posture habits. 

It requires constant concentration on keeping your back straight in order to correct the muscles imbalances that develop. Trying to remain perpetually conscious of your posture is an unnatural and difficult task. OWELL UPRight Posture Trainer (Model No. OW-2058) can help you be conscious of your posture, training good posture habit, to allow strain muscles to heal and re-gain strength and maintain right posture. 

2. Stretch daily to release built-up tension on the neck, shoulders and back. 

3. Strengthen the postural muscles along the spine. 



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