Correct Posture Neutralises Spinal Stress

14th November, 2018
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Posture Imbalances: Postural Scoliosis

The term “scoliosis” refers to abnormal sideways curvature of the spine measuring at least 10 degrees on an x-ray. Scoliosis is broken down into two categories: 

1)Structural scoliosis:  A fixed lateral (sideway) curve of the spine which affects the spine structure and can result in spinal deformity.
2)Nonstructural scoliosis like “postural scoliosis” is a result from a temporary cause due to poor posture. It involves a side-to-side curvature of the spine (no spinal rotation) and the spine's structure is still normal.

Postural scoliosis is often related to persistent headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and hip pain. 


Common Postures Causing Postural Imbalances 

Improper postures such as carrying bag on one side of the shoulders, standing on dominate legs, duchess slant, cross-legged may lead to muscle spasm. When a major muscle start to spasm, the spine is pulled in one direction causing a sideways spinal curve. Spine curvature may progress from mild to moderate to even severe leading to scoliosis.   


Cultivate Good Posture Habit 

OWELL UPRight Posture Trainer helps you be conscious of your posture; to allow strain muscles to heal and re-gain strength. It trains good posture habit, and helps to maintain right posture.



• Improve posture, reduce spinal compression and prevent muscles imbalance
• Reduce muscle tension and pain due to improper posture
• Provide a healthy healing environment for spine 
• Promote blood and oxygen circulation



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