Correct Posture Neutralises Spinal Stress - Episode 2

2nd November, 2018
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Posture Misalignment: Slouching 

The term “slouching” is often refer to unsightly and lazy posture characterised by shoulders and head bent forward. But slouching can cause major health problems over time, including headaches, pulled muscles, and back pain. Prolonged slouching also leads to musculoskeletal stress on both your vertebrae and the discs between the vertebrae.


Slouching: Dowager’s Hump or Postural Kyphosis 

Excessive curvature of the spine due to slouching can eventually cause a visible hump-like appearance at the back of the neck termed a “dowager’s hump” or in the upper back where it is called “postural kyphosis”. If left uncorrected, it can increase the risk of having osteoporosis and spinal cord compression. 


Cultivate Good Posture Habit 

OWELL UPRight Posture Trainer helps you be conscious of your posture; to allow strain muscles to heal and re-gain strength. It trains good posture habit, and helps to maintain right posture.



• Improve posture, reduce spinal compression and prevent muscles imbalance
• Reduce muscle tension and pain due to improper posture
• Provide a healthy healing environment for spine 
• Promote blood and oxygen circulation


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