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20th February, 2019
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The Journey Towards Health Begins With a Single Step

The well-known rule of health “10,000 steps a day”; daily walking is essential in promoting good blood circulation, protecting our cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal system. Walking is also the easiest exercise of all that boosts health and longevity. But do you experience leg discomfort when walking?


Our Second Heart: Signs of Poor Circulation Appear on Legs First

Our feet are located furthest from our heart yet they are the foundation of our entire body. When blood flows down to our legs, the speed of blood slows down. This is coupled with gravity and acidic metabolic waste accumulation at our legs, resulting in slower circulation at our legs. Over time, this results in poor circulation. Signs of poor circulation appear in sequence starting off with spider veins (visible purple, red and blue veins underneath the skin), followed by varicose veins (obvious bulging, swollen and twisted veins), swollen legs due to fluid retention at legs, darkening skin due to inflammation of skin and lastly, foot ulcers.


Walk With Ease: BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights

OWELL MedicFlow Tights – BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights (male/ female cut) is made using German Compression Weaving Technology to relieve soreness and swelling, relax pressure on joints and improve blood circulation. Wearing the tights will bring lightness when walking, climbing stairs and standing, while keeping your legs at the top of health.

  • Balance Pelvic, Lift Glutes, Slim and Shape
  • Support Thighs, Dissipate load on the knee 
  • Relax Knee, Mobilise joints 
  • Stabilise Calves, Reduce muscle vibration, soreness and cramps 
  • 100% compression at the ankles and gradually reduces towards the calf, knee, thigh and hip

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