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13th March, 2019
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“The Root of Health Lies in Your Legs”; The Key to Quality of Life

The strength of your legs has been found to be a key predictor of your longevity, both how long you will live and the quality of life as you age. Just like the well-known rule of health “10,000 steps a day”; daily walking is essential in promoting good blood circulation, protecting our cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal system. But do you experience knee discomfort when walking (pain, soreness, swelling or cracking)?


Degenerative Knee Joint: Signs of Aging

Common knee problems usually begin with the knee cartilage specially the “meniscus” Because of poor circulation at the legs, the meniscus is unable to receive sufficient blood to produce lubrication, which reduces frictional forces during knee movement. The lack of meniscus lubrications will result in the meniscus weakening due to the increased friction. If the quadricep muscles located above the knee lacks muscle strength, it will also worsen the abrasion of the knee cartilage. Poor quadricep strength will also lead to shifting of the patella bone (kneecap), leading to misplacement and pain in the knee joints.


Walk With Ease: BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights

OWELL MedicFlow Tights- BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights (male/ female cut) helps to relieve soreness, cramps and swelling, reduce pressure on joints, improve circulation and bring lightness when walking, climbing stairs and standing. Keeping tour leg at the top of health.

  • Balance Pelvic, Lift Glutes, Slim and Shape
  • Support Thighs, Dissipate load on the knee 
  • Relax Knee, Mobilise joints 
  • Stabilise Calves, Reduce muscle vibration, soreness and cramps 
  • 100% compression at the ankles and gradually reduces towards the calf, knee, thigh and hip

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