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3rd April, 2019
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Common Causes of Muscle Cramps: Muscles Overstain, Inadequate Blood Supply and Decrease of Muscle Mass

A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of muscles. Muscle cramps can cause severe pain that lasts for seconds or minutes. They are felt when there is overuse of the muscle, dehydration, mineral depletion, inadequate blood supply caused by narrowing or blockage in blood vessels, as well as nerve compression. Long periods of exercise or physical labour, wearing high heels for a day and staying at one fixed position for too long can lead to muscle cramps. The loss of muscle mass or lack of muscle strength can leader to the remaining muscles getting easily overstressed and lead to frequent muscle cramps. This is particularly so in older people or people after 30s which is the age where you start to lose muscle mass and function.


How to Relieve: Replenish Fluid, Relax Muscle, Circulate Blood Flow

Most muscle cramps develop in the leg muscles, particularly in the calf and thigh (quadriceps and hamstrings). By ensuring adequate fluid intake everyday, it can keep muscle cells relaxed and less irritable. Keeping warm at night during sleep and daily stretching of muscles coupled with heat therapy can reduce muscle fatigues, promote muscle relaxation, blood flow and sufficient oxygen circulation in the body.


Love Your Legs: BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights

OWELL MedicFlow Tights- BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights (male/ female cut) helps to relieve soreness, cramps and swelling, reduce pressure on joints, improve circulation and bring lightness when walking, climbing stairs and standing. It is suitable for varicose vein prevention, people with water retention, knee discomfort, elderly and athlete.

  • Balance Pelvic, Lift Glutes, Slim and Shape
  • Support Thighs, Dissipate load on the knee 
  • Relax Knee, Mobilise joints 
  • Stabilise Calves, Reduce muscle vibration, soreness and cramps 
  • 100% compression at the ankles and gradually reduces towards the calf, knee, thigh and hip

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