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15th May, 2019
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BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights

Fitness Benefits:

  1. Prevention
    1. Reduces risk of injury and muscle strain
  2. Performance
    1. Reduces load on knees and enhances athletic performance via compression at targeted core muscles
  3. Recovery: Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue via increase in blood lactate removal

Health Benefits:

  1. Muscle Oxygenation
    1. Enhances muscle strength and knee joint flexibility via increased oxygen supply
  2. Blood Circulation
    1. Promotes blood flow in the legs, especially blood flowing up to the upper body
    2. Prevents common vein diseases like varicose veins and DVT
  3. Lymph Circulation
    1. Supports immunity and prevents lymph edema via stimulation of lymph fluid flow


Wearable Health for Everyone and All Your Daily Activities

OWELL MedicFlow BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Tights made using Advanced German Compression Weaving Technology. The controlled and graduated moderate compression fights the effect of gravity and assists in blood and lymph return. The targeted compressive pattern stabilized muscles and reduces muscle strain. Best for those who love to go travelling, need to walk, sit or stand for long hours and people who suffer from leg problems. Make it your daily companion today!

  • Balance Pelvic, Lift Glutes, Slim and Shape
  • Support Thighs, Dissipate load on the knee 
  • Relax Knee, Mobilise joints 
  • Stabilise Calves, Reduce muscle vibration, soreness and cramps 
  • 100% compression at the ankles and gradually reduces towards the calf, knee, thigh and hip



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