Happy Calves " Trusty Helpers of the Heart" (Diabetes)

19th July, 2017

Singapore is the Number 2 Nation with the Most Diabetes (International Diabetes Federation, 2015)

1 in 3 Singaporeans have a lifetime risk of developing diabetes. It is a chronic medical condition that can lead to serious complications like kidney failure, blindness and stroke (Health Hub Singapore).


Examine Your Legs

When you have diabetes, you may develop foot problems because of damaged nerves and poor blood flow to the feet. Poor foot care may lead to amputation of a foot or leg.


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Happy Leg Calf “Trusty Helpers of the Heart”

31st October, 2016
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Venous Blood Return and Varicose Veins (3)

About 3 in 5 adults in Singapore suffer from varicose veins. Up to 40% of females are affected by spider veins and some of these spider veins may be associated with varicose veins.


Smooth Venous Return for Good Health

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