Stretch the Spine, Ease the Neck Pain, Gain back Flexibility! - "Stretch to More Strength"

1st December, 2017
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Stretch the Spine, Ease the Neck Pain, Gain Back Flexibility!

"Stretch to more strength"

Stiff Neck are Signs of Larger Problems

"Poor Posture while using a mobile phone, at work and sleeping can cause injury to the neck and spine. Straight neck or hypolordosisis is characterized by stiff neck muscles, headaches and restricted or painful motion."

Your Neck Spine Starts to Age in Your 20s

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Stretch the Spine, Ease the Neck Pain, Gain Back Flexibility! – “Stretch to More Strength”

9th October, 2017
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The Weight of Your Head Causes Neck Pain

The average human head weights about 5kg, which is as heavy as a sack of rice, when it is well-balanced on the cervical spine or neck spine. If the head tilts about 30 degrees forward, the weight that the spine bears increase by 4 times, weighing about 20kg which is about 4 times the weight.


Continuous Neck Strain Leads to “Text Neck”

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Correct Posture, Protect Spine, Embrace Health, The 1st C: The Neck

17th May, 2017
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Sit Up Straight to Stop the Pain in the Neck

About two-thirds of the population have neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain refers to pain that originates in the cervical spine and is commonly found related to poor posture.


What is Cervical Spine?

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Good Health… Begins with Right Posture

6th April, 2017
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Cardiovascular Disease - #1 Cause of Death (Singapore Health Foundation)

Slightly less than 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 30 to 69 years have hypertension. Hypertension increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries). Atherosclerosis may lead to cardiovascular disease.


The Neck Has Two Main Carotid Arteries

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