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Dear Mdm June,

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"In 5 February 2016, I visited OWELL Tampines Century Square outlet. I have bought 2 OWELL BIO-Ge Titanium Health Bracelets (TB 309 20G), because i have dark spots, joint pains, difficulty climbing stairs, migraine, and poor memory. After wearing for 1 month, the dark spots have lighten, my left leg feels good and the right leg is getting better too. On 10 March 2016, I returned to purchase another BIO-Ge Titanium Health Necklace (TBN 028 30G), becuase my dark spots are not just on my hands, it is all over my body, so i believe, the BIO-Ge Titanium Health Necklace can help my whole body since it is near my heart, my lungs and my main arteries. So the benefits will definitely be much faster and better. After wearing for 1 week the health necklace and bracelets, i am more agile at work and i don't feel tired. If i forget to wear, i feel like missing something. "




Dark spots have lighten around the wrist area (Mar 2016)


Dark spots have lighten at back of hand (Mar 2016)