Christmas Bundle C

SGD 288.00

Save 45%

Bundle C (worth $524) includes:

  • 1pcs Posture Sleep Intelligent Air Pillow
  • 1pcs Graphene Far-Infrared Pillow Cover
  • 1pcs Graphene Far Infrared Quilt

Patented Static Balance Technology

OWELL's PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow uses the Patented Static Balance Technology to adjust your pillow height. The air valves have a 16-levels adjustment feature which allows the user to adjust the height and firmness of the pillow according to the user's sleeping position, body shape, and mattress softness. No charging, electricity, or pumping is required.

  • Users can adjust the height of the airbags in the center and sides of the pillow separately (16-levels each), to cater to both back and side sleeping positions.
  • Has an ergonomic design that supports the natural curvature of the head, neck, and shoulders. This helps to distribute the pressure evenly for better comfort and breathing, thus preventing snoring and improving sleep quality.
  • The PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow comes with a TENCEL™ Lyocell pillow cover which is gentle on the skin and has efficient moisture absorption and breathability for maximum comfort. This pillow cover can be removed for washing.

Graphene Far-Infrared Pillow Cover

Strap the OWELL Graphene Far-Infrared Pillow Cover over your pillow to enjoy Graphene Far Infrared Therapy, which helps to improve blood and oxygen circulation and provides a gentle warming effect for better relief and comfort while you sleep.

  • Graphene material has 81% Far Infrared Emissivity
  • Increases the surface temperature by +7.21 Degrees Celsius
  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-mite & anti-microbial

Note: OW-1221 pillow cover best fit on OWELL’s PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow (OW-2021)

PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow

  • Model No. : OW-2021
  • Weight : 1.68kg
  • Pillow Cover : 30% Tencel, 70% Polyester
  • Pillow Foam : High-density memory foam
  • Airbags : Environmentally friendly TPU material

Graphene Far-Infrared Pillow Cover

  • Model No.: OW-1221 Cover
  • Weight: About 88g
  • Dimensions: 61cm x 41cm
  • Material: 30% Graphene Yarn, 70% Polyester Fiber
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Helps people with:

Fatigue and Insomnia

Incorrect Sleeping Posture


Stiffness and Pain

Better Sleep Quality


Posture Correcting & Spinal Support

The adjustable height and softness/ firmness of the pillow helps you to find the perfect balance to support the head, neck, and shoulder. It is also customizable to support back and side sleeping positions, promoting a healthy spinal alignment for a good night's sleep.

Head-Neck-Shoulder Stretch

The adjustable height allows you to perform simple neck stretch to lengthen and relax the muscles and joints around the neck, which can help relieve pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility.

Better Breathing

High-density memory foam helps to support the weight of the head and molds to the natural curve of the head and neck, hence relieving the pressure and discomfort in the neck and shoulders area during sleep. It also relaxes the neck and shoulders muscles and opens up the airways for better oxygen circulation, thus preventing snoring, improving sleep quality, and rejuvenating the body.

What Our Customers Say

After trying OWELL's PostureSleep Intelligent Air PIllow for a month, my sleep quality improved drastically as my body feels recharged after a good night's rest.

- Annie Wong

OWELL's PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow provides optimum height adjustment that suits my body's structure, reducing the neck strains that I've been experiencing for many years.

- Luke