MedicFlow Taping Calf Sleeves

SGD 98.00

Model No: HMS-3120



(Mix & Match)

  • MedicFlow Sleep Socks Knee High
  • MedicFlow Sleep Tights
  • Bedding (Graphene F.I.R Pillow Cover)
  • IonAIRFLOW Purifier series (Rechargeable/ USB/ Lite/ Mini)

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 Patented Build-in Elastomer Compression Taping: Provides targeted compression and advanced support to the muscle and tendon, while allowing comfortable movement.

Graduated Compression Knitting: Compression is controlled and gradually reduce upwards to help fight the effects of gravity and assist in venous return (deoxygenated blood flowing back to the heart).


  • Improve blood & oxygen circulation (Reduce the risk of varicose veins and swelling and edema)
  • Accelerate the removal of toxins & lactic acid build-up (Decrease muscle soreness & swelling, and reduce recovery time)

NOTE: Product comes in a pair.


  • BIO-Mechanics Graduated Compression Technology
  • Patented Taping Technology provides Advanced Support


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