BIO-Magnetic Air Reflexology Sandals (NEW)

Model: HM-108M
SGD$ 98.00


Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is a widely practiced and accepted alternative non-invasive healing practive to muscle aches and aliments. The soles of our feet mirrors the body and specific points corresponds to different organs. By applying pressure on these points, it stimulates the corresponding organs, to bring about health benefits such as improve blood circulation, relieve from muscle aches and restoration of balance and well-being.


BIO-Magnetic Reflexology

OWELL BIO-Magnetic Reflexology Footcare Series are ergonomically designed with various massage points laid according to the principles of foot reflexology. The intensity of each massage are customised according to our body weight to effectively stimulate reflexology points to bring about better health and blood circulation. Experience the best acupressure massage on the go now!



1.  6 Pole BIO-Magnet

Special 6 Pole BIO-Magnet help to balance the body static and electrical field, allowing positive and negative ions to flow smoothly thus improving blood circulation and relieve muscle aches and pain.


2. Air Pressure Pockets

Air Pressure Pockets are strategically positioned to provide a light and springy massage。Ventilation Air Pressure Pockets enables heat and moisture to escape effectively for greater comfort with every step!


3. Air Reflexology Massage

Each soft and flexible massage points are specifically placed to stimulate reflex points for a comfortable and painless massage on the go.





Sizes available: 6(23-24cm), 7(24-25cm), 8(25-26cm), 9(26-27cm) and 10(27-28cm)

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