MedicFlow Therapeutic Socks (Octa-Stability Graduated Compression)

Model: HMS 3519
SGD$ 59.00


Octa-stability Compression mimics the figure "8" athletic technique that is used specifically on the Ankle to provide stability and support.  



  • Improves circulation, reduces risk of circulatory problems like varicose and spider veins, swelling and edema
  • Provides ankle support and sole cushioning
  • Massages and trains feet, especially plantar fascia 
  • Stimulates and trains the foot muscles and ligaments, such as plantar fascia
  • On the go massage


Suitable for:

  • Daily walking and travelling
  • Exercising and running
  • People who stand or sit for long hours
  • People with poor blood circulation (i.e. cold/ swollen feet, varicose/ spider veins) 


  • Moisture wicking, breatheable fabric
  • Advanced compression technology (Octa-stability compression areas)
  • Anatomical fit
  • Non slip cuff
  • Elastic padded toe 
  • Achilles tendon protection 
  • Bunion cushioning
  • 3D stereoscopic design 


20-30mmHg graduated compression


US Shoe SizeUnder 5.57-10.511+ 
EU Shoe SizeUnder 3637-4142-4647.5+


US Shoe SizeUnder 6.56-910-1313.5+ 
EU Shoe SizeUnder 3637-4142-4647.5+