IonAIRFLow Lite Personal Ion Air Purifier

Model: ZNC-2121
SGD$ 138.00


The highly efficient ion generator releases 15,000,000 negative ions per cm3 per second. It purifies the air by creating negative ions that attach to the positively charged airborne particles (PM2.5). Once bonded, these particles will be too heavy to stay airborne, resulting in cleaner air. Exposure to negative ions helps the body to maintain the ion balance and increase the flow of oxygen. This helps to reduce fatigue and muscle tensions and makes the body feel rejuvenated.


- Releases 15,000,000 Negative Ions

- Fan mode: Increases the range and effectiveness of negative ions using airflow

- Rechargeable Battery

- Portability


Power Consumption: 3.6W

Battery: 400mA Rechargeable Li-on Battery

Dimension: 46 (L) x 24 (W) x 68 (H) mm

Weight: 40g