OB-005 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Vascular Age Reading

Model: OB-005
SGD$ 239.00


OWELL Pulse Oximeter can easily check your oxygen level without requiring any blood sample. It uses infrared light to measure the levels of oxygen (SpO2) in the blood as well as pulse rate and additional vascular age reading. OB005 comes with two-way OLED display. 


1 Year Warranty

Free Local Delivery


  • Measure the amount of oxygen level in your blood
  • Measure your heart rate
  • Measure your Vascular Age (Level 1-6)
  • Get a reading within 3 seconds
  • 2-way OLED display
  • Economical and portable device


2 X AAA Batteries

Measuring Range for SpO2: 35 - 99%

Accuracy for SpO2: 

(70%-99%): +/-2% 


Measuring Range for Pulse rate: 30bpm - 250bpm

Accuracy of pulse rate: +/- 3bpm