OB-2019 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model: OB-2019
SGD$ 168.00


OWELL’s ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound energy that generates millions of tiny air bubbles by high frequency vibration cavitation (40,000 Hz). The high frequency vibrating air bubbles remove dust, dirt, germs, oil and other contaminants that might be stuck to the item to achieve the superior cleaning effect. They penetrate into small crevices and deep holes to clean the item thoroughly at microscopic level.


- Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Transducer
- Ventilation Cooling System to prevent Overheating
- High Frequency Vibration Cavitation (40,000Hz)
- Moisture-Proofed Circuit Board
- Capacitive Sensing Control Panel
- 5 preset Cleaning Cycles
- 800 mL Tank Capacity


Rated Voltage: AC 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 55W

Weight: 1.82kg

product Body Size: 18 (W) X 8.7 (H)  X 5.8 (D)cm