3-in-1 (Head. Neck. Shoulders) Air Stretch Therapy Pillow

Model: OW-2008
SGD$ 118.00


OWELL 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow is ergonomically designed to fit our neck curvature. It stretches our spine relieving daily strain, decrease pressure on nerves, and ease muscles stiffness, soreness and spasm at the neck, shoulders and back. The Smart Inflate Technology enables you to adjust the height of the built-in airbag with a touch of a button, no battery required.  

Doing stretching when lying releases the weight of our head on our cervical neck spine, making stretching easy and safe. Regular stretching helps to maintain our natural neck curvature and muscles flexibility, improving blood and oxygen flow in our neck carotid arteries. Promoting overall relaxation. 

Best to use after a day work and after a hot bath, which also aid in better sleep.  


  • Smart Inflate Technology 
  • Customisable Air Pressure Height
  • One-Touch Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Design


Product Name: 3-in-1 Air Stretch Therapy Pillow

Model Number: OW-2008

Maximum Holding Weight: 100kg

Physical Dimension: Estimated 24.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 cm

Product Weight: Estimated 340g

Product Material: Knitted fabric, PVC air bag, HR foam cotton