PostureSleep Air Pillow

Model: HC-OW 2018
SGD$ 288.00


Tossing and turning in bed, snoring and excessive dreams lowers sleep quality. Good sleeping posture helps to relax your neck and shoulders while sleeping and maintains an unobstructed breathing airway for an uninterrupted good night sleep!

PostureSleep Air Pillow comes with OWELL SmartInflate Technology that enables you to adjust the air pillow’s height and firmness to fit your unique body contour and sleeping position. Suitable for both side and back sleepers, the pillow helps to maintain optimum support and comfort for your head, neck and spine by adjusting itself to fit the natural curve of your neck. Ergonomic designed to support the head, neck, and shoulders to allow better breathing, de-stressing of tensed muscles and soothing of the mind. Wake up bright and shine every day!



  • Posture Correcting
    • Keeps the spine in the right curve 
  • Spinal Support
    • Balances the head, neck, and shoulder’s weights 
  • Better Breathing
    • Opens up the airways for a better sleep

 Suitable for:

  • Neck, shoulder and back aches
  • Snoring 
  • Improving sleep quality 



  • Smart Inflate Technology 
    • Inflate, Lock and Adjust
  • Adjustable side and center airbags 
  • Modal® Fabric
    • Soft, smooth and comfortable



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