Conductive Massage Glove

Model: OW-128 Glove
SGD$ 136.00


All new conductive massage fabric is composed of cotton, nano sliver, nylon and special conductive fibers.

•      Circumferential stimulation; 360° of electro-therapy

•      Stretchable, light-weight and comfortable to wear

•      Excellent conductivity; Even current distribution for maximum comfort and efficiency

•      Provides compression and support; good for swelling or edema

•      Nano sliver proivides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect

•      Fabric is lint free

•      Reusable and washable

•      Comes in a pair inclusive FREE 1pc of USB cable


Benefits of Conductive Massage Glove

•   Massaging hands, body and face gently

•   Improve blood flow which will increase mobility in the fingers and wrist

•   For: Arthritis at hands and fingers , Carpel tunnel syndrome, Cold and numbness at hands, Swelling, and Stiffness and Soreness