Electrode Foot Plating

Model: OW-128 FP SET
SGD$ 238.00


The practice of foot reflexology can be dated back at least 500 years. It is said that our feet is a mirror image of our body. Often our feet is also labeled as our ‘second heart’. This is said because there are ‘reflex zones’ on our soles, which correspond to every part and organ of our body. By stimulating these reflex zones, it can influence the health of the corresponding parts and organs, so the whole body may be treated through the feet!

OWELL Electrode Foot Plating uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to stimulate these reflex zones to more effectively clear out congestion in our painful reflexes and to aid in improving overall wellbeing.

This item is an optional accessory of the Heat & Pulse Massager (OW-128).