BIO-Magnetic Spiral Reflexology Sandals (Maroon)

SGD 158.00

Model No: HM-102

Only available in size L

Reflexology is dubbed as the alternative non-invasive healing practice for muscle aches and aliments caused by today’s hectic lifestyle by offering long-lasting pain and stress relief.

By applying special massage techniques to reflex points on our soles, it stimulates and brings about health benefits to the corresponding internal body organs. Regular foot reflexology massage will help to improve blood circulation, rejuvenate tired feet, relieve muscle aches and pain, restore balance and well-being.

Suitable for:

  • People suffering from poor blood circulation
  • People who stand or sit for long periods of time
  • People lack exercise
  • People who suffer from fatigue or insomnia


  • BIO-Magnetic Therapy
    • 4 pairs of BIO-Magnets that help balance the body’s static electricity and magnetic field, allowing smooth flow of positive and negative ions and improved blood circulation
  • Spiral Reflexology Massage
    • Spiral reflexology knobs positioned according to reflexology principles, resulting in stronger and more effective foot massage
  • Twist and Knead massage knobs
    • Spiral reflexology knobs rotate when depressed to effectively stimulate targeted reflex points to restore health and well-being
  • Ergonomic designed
    • Designed accordingly to the foot's unique contours and structure for a comfortable and targeted massage

Available in sizes:


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