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Graduated Compression Technology

OWELL's MedicFlow Apparel Series is made using Bio-Mechanics Graduated Compression (BGC) system. The compression is controlled and graduated - strongest at the ankle and the level of compression gradually reduces as it moves up the legs. The compression weaving - apply targeted pressure over key leg muscles (eg. quadriceps, knee muscles, hamstrings, calves etc)

Compression level is measured in MmHg or millimeters of mercury is a measurement of pressure, originating from the pressure a 1 millimeter-high column of mercury could generate. Despite this, it’s not a common measurement outside the medical field. Within medicine though, mmHg is commonly used; both intracranial pressure (pressure inside the skull) and blood pressure are measured in mmHg.

Types of pressure:

Light Compression: 10 -15mmHg 

Moderate Compression: 15 - 20mmHg

Strong Compression: 20mmHg & Above

OWELL's MedicFlow Apparel Series are made using the Advanced German Compression Weaving Technology, the therapeutic compression taping design helps to facilitate the body's natural healing process while providing advanced support and stability to the leg muscles and knee joint, without restricting movement.

How does OWELL MedicFlow compression apparel work?

The gentle squeeze of pressure from OWELL MedicFlow Apparel Series applied to your legs can help to improve blood flow and act to prevent circulatory problems. The pressure from the compression apparel help to push the blood back up from the legs back to the heart. This helps to counter the effect of gravity on the blood circulatory system. This is beneficial for those with a sedentary lifestyle (eg. long hours of sitting/ standing) by helping to prevent blood pooling and blood clots.


Reduces swelling

Relieve pain & discomfort

Encourages blood & oxygen circulation

Support, enhance sports recovery & performance

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