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Healthcheck Services

At OWELL, we are always striving to ‘Put Health Into Your Hands’ through our comprehensive range of portable healthcare products that takes care of every aspect of your body. In order to find out which product suits your needs best, we have developed a unique service – a Complimentary 3-Step Health Check – that we conduct for all our customers.

The Complimentary 3-Step Health Check consists of 3 simple diagnostic checks:
1) Body Oxygen Level & Pulse Rate, 2) Vascular Age and 3) Blood Capillary Shape & Blood Circulation Analysis.

This Complimentary Health Check is quick, simple and non-invasive and will only take 15 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Body Oxygen Level & Pulse Rate

Oxygen is vital to our survival as it keeps our body’s main organs functioning. If oxygen supply to our brain is cut off, our brain cells will begin to die within 5 minutes. This could eventually lead to brain death.

In general, someone who suffers from low oxygen supply in the body will experience migraine, insomnia and a weak immune system. Their outlook will be pale and their skin dull, with dark eye rings marking their face. In the long term, a low oxygen supply in our body will increase the chances of cancer cell growth, as cancer cells thrive in low oxygen conditions.

Our body oxygen level can be measured using infrared light and OWELL uses our proprietary Pulse Oximeter to conduct this check. 

Step 2: Vascular Age

Our proprietary Pulse Oximeter can help to identify the age and stiffness of your blood vessels and if your blood vessel age tallies with your actual age.

Step 3: Blood Capillary Shape and Blood Circulation Anaylsis

The body blood circulation is in charge of transporting oxygen and nutrients to all our cells and carrying waste materials from the cells to our excretory organs to be disposed of. Poor blood circulation causes many unwanted health ailments. These include: body/muscle aches and pains, poor organ function, increased risk of heart and brain diseases and many more. Typical symptoms of poor blood circulation include regular body aches, cold or easily numb hands and feet, pale skin colour, dizziness and insomnia.

As poor blood circulation often causes our blood capillaries to start becoming deformed, a good way to check our blood circulation quality will be through the shape of our blood capillaries. Different types of deformities reflect different ailments we are likely to suffer from or are suffering from.

OWELL conducts a FREE Blood Flow & Capillary Shape Health Check using our in-house Blood Capillaroscope. The test is simple, non-invasive and quick. No blood sample is needed. OWELL staff will be able to analyze your condition for you and make suitable health recommendations.