Heat & Pulse Massager Pro

SGD 398.00

Model No: OW-6120
(1 Year Warranty)

1) Massage


3) Heat

4) Slimming & Toning

Suitable For:

1) Joint Pain (People suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pain, stiffness and soreness.)

2) Muscle Pain (People with lack of physical activity (eg. seated jobs) or unable to exercise (e.g recovering from a sports injury or stroke)

3) Strengthening & Training (Sports enthusiast for muscle recovery, slimming and muscle toning)

4) Travel (Travellers and those who are always on the go; for a quick and fuss-free therapy

1) Safety Feature

2) Automatic & Manual Mode

3) Isolated 4-Way Dual Channel

4) Intensity Control

5) Wide-range frequencies (1 - 1100 Hz)

6) Heat Therapy ( 40, 45,50 degrees celsius)

7) Operation Time Setting

Repeat Function

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