Osmose Roly-Poly Posture Seat Cushion

SGD 198.00

Model No: OW-2038


  • Pressure Redistribution
  • Posture Support
  • Pain Relief
  • Cooling Fabric (Soft-touch fabric for maximum comfort)
  • Breathable Mesh (Promotes airflow and dissipates heat efficiently)
  • Anti-Slip Base (Ensures the cushion stays secured on the chair)
  • Air Circulation Hole (Allows air ventilation and prevents heat build-up for people who sit for long hours)
  • Ergonomic Design (Designed for comfort and corrects your sitting posture) 


  • Reduce pain in the seated area.
    • Absorb up to 84% of body pressure.
    • Help distribute the body weight
  • Improve blood circulation in the legs.
    • Prevent numbness, muscle spasms
      and reduce the risk of blood clots.
  • Help people with:
    • Sciatic pain.
    • Lower back and spine pain associated
      with bad sitting postures.
  • Provide support and stability.
    • Elevated sides and U-shaped trough help correct posture and achieve seated equilibrium.

Product Dimension:

42 X 42 X 8 cm

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