Posture Back Rest Cushion

SGD 138.00

Model No: OW-2038B

Buy Any 2 to get another 1 FREE pair of Insoles (Worth SGD $98)! 
- UPRight Spine Support + Far Infrared Therapy
- 3-in-1 F.I.R Heat Therapy Waist Support
- Osmose Roly-Poly Posture Seat Cushion

-Posture Back Rest Cushion

- Te-Tract Spinal Therapy

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  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Pressure Redistribution
  • Spine Support


  • Memory Foam
    • Ergonomic designed high-density memory foam.
    • Anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial.
    • Molds to the body in response to the body heat and pressure, and helps to evenly distribute the body weight.
    • Supports the lumbar vertebrae and provides spinal relief.
  • Cooling Fabric
    • Soft touch fabric with breathable mesh helps dissipate heat and provides maximum comfort for people who sit for long hours.
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap
    • Ensures the cushion stays secured to the chair.
    • Allows for easy adjustment to support the spine.
  • Washable Cushion Cover
    • Zipper at the back of the cushion cover allows easy removal for washing.

Product Dimension:

38 X 35 X 12 cm

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