Air Bio-Magnetic Foot Reflexology Sandals

SGD 79.00

Model No: HM-101

The BIO-Magnetic Air Reflexology Sandals incorporate the traditional art of natural healing and magnetism. The air pockets massage the feet and the tiny holes on each air pocket enable better ventilation and comfort. The air pockets also feature 6-Poles BIO-Magnets to help balance the body’s natural static electricity, magnetic field and positive and negative ions to enable better blood circulation.


  • Enjoy a comfortable air massage while walking
  • Improve blood circulation in the calves and feet
  • Promote better quality of sleep
  • Relieve pain and stiffness caused by strenuous activities


  • 6 Poles BIO-Magnetic Rings
    • Balance body’s static electricity and magnetic field, allowing smooth flow of positive and negative ions throughout the entire body.
  • 35-40 Acupressure Points 
    • Stimulate the soles, providing  a comfortable massage on-the-go
  • Compressible Air Pressure Pockets
    • Provides better cushioning and air ventilation

Available in sizes:

  Feet size in cm 
5 22-23
6 23-24
7 24-25
8 25-26
9 26-27
10 27-28
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