IonAIRFLow Lite Personal Ion Air Purifier

SGD 138.00

Model No: ZNC-2121
(1 Year Warranty)

The highly efficient ion generator releases 15,000,000 negative ions per cm3 per second. 
It purifies the air by creating negative ions that attach to the positively charged airborne particles (PM2.5). Once bonded, these particles will be too heavy to stay airborne, resulting in cleaner air. Exposure to negative ions is also known to help the body maintain the ion balance and increase oxygen flow. This helps to reduce fatigue and muscle tensions and makes the body feel rejuvenated.

Fan mode is available to increase the range and effectiveness of the negative ions using airflow.


(Mix & Match) Sleep Range

  • MedicFlow Sleep Socks Knee High
  • MedicFlow Sleep Tights
  • Bedding (Graphene F.I.R Pillow Cover)
  • IonAIRFLOW Purifier series (Rechargeable/ USB/ Lite/ Mini)

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  • Releases 15,000,000 Negative Ions
  • Fan mode: Increases the range and effectiveness of negative ions using airflow
  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • Portability

  • Power Consumption: 3.6W
  • Battery: 400mA Rechargeable Li-on Battery
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Usage Time: 240 hours (without fan); 8 hours (with fan mode on)
  • Dimension: 46 (L) x 24 (W) x 68 (H) mm
  • Weight: 40g
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Helps people with:

Poor Immune System

Allergy or Asthma

Fatigue & Tension

Insomnia or Poor Sleep Quality


Releases 15,000,000 Negative Ions/ cm3

Negative ions are beneficial for our health (unlike positive ions) as they can help to clean the surrounding air by attracting to pollutants and airborne allergens such as pollen, cigarette smoke, bacteria, and viruses. Once bonded, these particles will be too heavy to stay airborne, resulting in cleaner air. 

What Our Customers Say

My legs are brighter and healthier and I am able to fit into my shoes in which I previously could not due to my swollen legs.

My legs no longer swell and I feel a lot better!