UPRight Spine Trainer

SGD 298.00

Model No: OW-2058


  • Promote Blood and Oxygen Circulation 
  • Achieve Spinal Stretch 
  • Relieve Pain

Suitable For:

  • People with overused or weak core muscles as a result of poor sitting or standing posture
  • People recovering/ suffering from back pain
  • People with slumped and rounded shoulders
  • People with mushy abdomen


  • Shoulder straps
    • Lightweight neoprene material
    • Ergonomic designed to fit the curve of the armpits
    • Provides cushioning and protection
    • Easily adjusted to fit various body types
  •  Hard inserts that run along the length and sides of the spine
    • Immobilizes your spine and supports the spine to be upright
  •  Durable mesh panels on the back and sides
    • Allows better ventilation and breathability
    • Supports the spine and allows flexibility in your oblique
  • Triple Belt 
    • Customizable fit
    • Provides 360° waist compression and support, without overly restricting movement
  • Nylon Velcro hooks 
    • Softer and smoother than traditional Velcro 
    • Minimized skin irritation

Available in sizes:

  Inches cm
S 28-32 71-82
M 30-34 76-87
L 32-36 81-92
XL 35-39 88-100
2XL 40-44 101-112

1) Measure your abdomen circumference (the thickest part around the navel area)
2) The size is based on the measurement of the circumference of your abdomen, not the garment
3) Please allow for 1cm to 3cm variance in measurement

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