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What is Germanium?

Germanium is a semi-conducting ore from the Earth. it is discovered in 1866 by German chemist Clemens Winkler, who therefore named it after his country Germany. germanium is one of the elements in the Periodic Table, with the symbol of Ge and atomic number 32.

Where can Germanium be found?

Germanium can be found in the Mineral Argyrodite and also in antioxidant and medicinal plants such as Shiitake mushrooms, LingZhi, Korean Ginseng, barley, Aloe Vera and Garlic.



Shiitake Mushrooms

Korean Ginseng

Aloe Vera


Why do we need Germanium (Ge)?

Our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body to many harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic devices, chemicals, acid rain and UV rays.

Excessive positive ions in the body will cause:

  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Decrease metabolic rate
  • Weakened the human cells
  • Cause the body to be more susceptible to sickness

Negative ions can increase the body's metabolic process, enhancing the body's efficiency in purging waste out of the body while acquiring nutrients and oxygen from the blood.

The negative ions in Germanium will help to regulate and balance the positive and negative ions in the body, ease muscle tension, aches and reduce fatigue and tiredness.

How does Germanium (Ge) work?

When Germanium reaches 32 degree celsius and above (such as when in contact with human skin, it becomes a conductor. Two effects takes place:

Positive Hole Effect

Germanium creates a positive hole effect whereby a negative ion seizes a positive ion, removing the excessive positive ions and helping the body maintain its balance, relieving muscle aches & pain.

Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R) Emissions

Germanium also emits a high percentage of Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R). FIR activates the water molecules in our cells, enhancing blood circulation, improving body oxygen levels, relieving pain and promoting better sleep.

FIR also increases the number of red blood cells and haemoglobin, stimulating the formation of blood platelets, thus improving blood and oxygen flows in the body.

Blood circulation can increase 3 times and blood volume by 300%

When FIR is absorbed into various body organs, it also activates, revitalizes, develops and strengthens them.