SGD 238.00

Model No: ZNC-2021R/U
(1 Year Warranty)

An air purifier equipped with ionizer technology, OWELL’s IonAIRFlow Portable Ion Air Purifier cleans your air while emitting negative ions. Exposure to Negative ions can help to reduce fatigue, muscle tensions and makes the body feel rejuvenated

It comes with a Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter and has a SMART Air Quality Sensor that can detect the air quality with three indicator lights (Green: Good, Orange: Normal, and Red: Poor).

Model No: OW-3008PN

OWELL MedicFlow Plus device is a Compressible Air Therapy System, also known as a Lymph Edema Compression Therapy System or Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC).

It contains a specialized air pump that inflates and deflates the air in each chamber of the cuff, creating a 360° circumferential compression therapy.

The wave-like motion of the air inflation and deflation in each chamber creates a "milking action," which helps circulate the blood and lymph fluid and massage away swelling, stiffness and sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

SGD 288.00

 Model No: OW-2021
(1 Year Warranty)

Patented Static Balance Technology

OWELL's PostureSleep Intelligent Air Pillow uses the Patented Static Balance Technology to adjust your pillow height. The air valves have a 16-levels adjustment feature which allows the user to adjust the height and firmness of the pillow according to the user's sleeping position, body shape, and mattress softness. No charging, electricity, or pumping is required.

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