MedicFlow Plus Compressible Air Therapy System

Model No: OW-3008PN

OWELL MedicFlow Plus device is a Compressible Air Therapy System, also known as a Lymph Edema Compression Therapy System or Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC).

It contains a specialized air pump that inflates and deflates the air in each chamber of the cuff, creating a 360° circumferential compression therapy.

The wave-like motion of the air inflation and deflation in each chamber creates a "milking action," which helps circulate the blood and lymph fluid and massage away swelling, stiffness and sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


  • Air pressure in each of the four air chambers (feet/ankle - calf - knee - thigh) can be controlled separately.
  • Easy to read display which shows when the air is inflating into the cuffs and also the operation time.
  • Quiet and powerful air motor that allows the air pressure level to be adjusted from 30mmHg to 220mmHg.
  • Four different operation modes (A, B, C & Manual) for a different massaging effect.
  • Remote control for your convenience.
  • Small and lightweight for easy storage and portable for traveling.

  • Air Pressure Level: 30 to 220mmHg
  • Operational Modes: 4 different modes
  • Timer: 1 minute, up to 95 minutes
  • Rated Voltage: AC230V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Product body size: 240(W)x120(H)x190(D)mm
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Helps people with:


Swelling (Edema), Water Retention

Pain, Stiffness & Numbness

Cold Hands & Feet

Stroke Recovery

Fatigue & Insomnia


Blood Circulation & Oxygen Flow

Our feet are farthest away from the heart and receive the least blood circulation. The sequential rhythmic air inflation and deflation help support the leg muscles to push the impurities gathered in the lower limbs back to the heart, allowing clean oxygenated blood to flow back. Better blood and oxygen flow keeps the body at optimum levels, reduces the risks of diseases, infections, and free radicals, and slows aging.

Lymphatic Circulation

Lymphatic drainage is a specialized form of massage therapy that helps the body direct the lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes. OWELL's MedicFlow Plus is one such manual lymph drainage therapy system that helps to drain off toxins and cellular waste accumulated in the body, achieving detoxification. Regular lymphatic drainage helps to strengthen our immunity.

Massage and Stretching

The wave-like motion of the air inflation and deflation gently massage away swelling, stiffness, and sore muscles caused by the accumulation of lactic acid (a normal byproduct of muscle metabolism). The rhythmic motion of the air chambers also helps to stretch gently and loosen any stiff muscles, ligaments, and tendons, therefore allowing better blood flow.

What Our Customers Say

After trying OWELL's MedicFlow plus Therapy daily for 15 minutes, the swelling on my legs reduced tremendously.

- Mr Lee

OWELL's MedicFlow plus Therapy system reduced my water retention health issue greatly and I was able to walk again without my walking stick.

- Mr Bob