SGD 68.00

Model No: OW-1221 COVER

Strap the OWELL Graphene Far-Infrared Pillow Cover over your pillow to enjoy Graphene Far Infrared Therapy, which helps to improve blood and oxygen circulation and provides a gentle warming effect for better relief and comfort while you sleep.

SGD 238.00

Model No: ZNC-2021R/U
(1 Year Warranty)

An air purifier equipped with ionizer technology, OWELL’s IonAIRFlow Portable Ion Air Purifier cleans your air while emitting negative ions. Exposure to Negative ions can help to reduce fatigue, muscle tensions and makes the body feel rejuvenated

It comes with a Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter and has a SMART Air Quality Sensor that can detect the air quality with three indicator lights (Green: Good, Orange: Normal, and Red: Poor).

SGD 99.00

Model No: HMS-3219


SGD 139.00

Model No: HMS-3119


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