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Model No: OW-9023 Knee

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Model No: OW-6120
(1 Year Warranty)

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Model No: OW-6020
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Model No: OW-7021


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Model No: OW-3008PN

OWELL MedicFlow Plus device is a Compressible Air Therapy System, also known as a Lymph Edema Compression Therapy System or Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC).

It contains a specialized air pump that inflates and deflates the air in each chamber of the cuff, creating a 360° circumferential compression therapy.

The wave-like motion of the air inflation and deflation in each chamber creates a "milking action," which helps circulate the blood and lymph fluid and massage away swelling, stiffness and sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

SGD 498.00

Model No: OW-3008 Mini S
(1 Year Warranty)

SGD 988.00

Model No: OW-3008X
(1 Year Warranty)

SGD 99.00

Model No: HMS-3219


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Model No: HMS-3119


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